Waffle Pies

Our client had been working on creating the Waffle Pie, a quick easy snack for on the go parents, for over 10 years and decided it was time to launch. Initially we learned about the history of the Waffle Pie and how the creator wanted the Waffle Pie to market. In taking the creators passion and vision, we began the design project. The initial project was for the folding cartons that would be the secondary packaging to hold 4 Frozen Waffle Pies. After meeting with the client and discussing their vision, it was determined what colors, look and feel was desired to be competitive in the market. We compared freezer dimensions to ensure we could maximize sales space when sizing the carton. To ensure the carton sizing was appropriate to ensure protection as well as efficiency, we utilized the waffle pies to ensure we had a snug fit. We began to generate the design and provided the client with a couple of options to include different fonts and placement of photos and wording. Once the client finalized the design, it was a matter of flavor changes and photo changes for the cartons for the additional items.