About Texas Real Estate Magazine - DIGITAL

Texas Real Estate Magazine – DIGITAL is the premier digitally formatted real estate magazine in Texas, focusing on ranches, farms, homes, lake property, and land for sale throughout the state of Texas. Founded in 2000, Texas Real Estate Magazine – DIGITAL has grown form a regionally formatted print distribution magazine to its present statewide presence.

Texas Real Estate – DIGITAL offers Texas real estate buyers a unique format that allows them to not only discover new property listings easily and timely with our weekly publishing schedule, but also the advantage of full content integration to the broker/agent listing site. If buyers see something of interest, more information is just one click away.

Our ability to publish “linked content” makes Texas Real Estate Magazine – DIGITAL unique among all other real estate marketing platforms. People prefer the comfort of a print format for presentation purposes; however, they also want, and demand, access to extensive information once they make a discovery that creates an urgency to know more about their buying interest. Texas Real Estate Magazine – DIGITAL delivers a comfortable reading format that allows immediate answers to most buyer questions through our “linked content”.

For advertisers Texas Real Estate Magazine – DIGITAL is now the benchmark for interactive advertising that creates buyer prospect awareness and action. With digital delivery to 400,000+ Texas buyer prospects (monthly), 100,000+ (weekly), no other property marketing platform even comes close to the immediate distribution of information of new Texas property listings. Get a new listing is one thing, getting it exposed is another. Texas Real Estate Magazine – DIGITAL is unmatched in its ability to reach the best buyer prospects in Texas.

Until now buyers and broker/agents had to make choices about marketing formats that were required to fill everyone’s needs. Not any longer. Texas Real Estate Magazine-DIGITAL is the bridge between providing proactive marketing that exists to create buyer awareness and broker/agents whose investments in static property listing sites need attention and discovery.