TRE Digital Magazine Archives

Below are a list of magazine archives for you to choose from. We are still in the progress of adding more soon. For the time being, 2022 and 2021 are available to view.

Here are some brief instructions how to view them.

  • Click on the year you want to open.
  • You will see magazines in descending order from left to right: December, November, October and so forth. 
  • To the left and right of the screen you will find navigation arrows. 
  • Clicking on the right arrow will scroll to  the next set of three magazines. (Note: Mobile users will see one magazine at a time). 
  • The left arrow will let you scroll back to the previous set of 3 magazines.
  • When you find a magazine you like to view, just click on the magazine cover photo and it will open up into a new browser tab.
  • When you are done viewing the current magazine, just close that browser tab.
  • Enjoy!!